Source code for seglearn.datasets

This module is for loading time series data sets
# Author: David Burns
# License: BSD

from os.path import dirname
import numpy as np

__all__ = ['load_watch']

[docs]def load_watch(): """ Loads some of the 6-axis inertial sensor data from my smartwatch project. The sensor data was recorded as study subjects performed sets of 20 shoulder exercise repetitions while wearing a smartwatch. It is a multivariate time series. The study can be found here: Returns ------- data : dict data['X'] : list, length 140 | inertial sensor data, each element with shape [n_samples, 6] | sampled at 50 Hz data['y'] : array, length 140 target vector (exercise type) data['side'] : array, length 140 the extremity side, 1 = right, 0 = left data['subject'] : array, length 140 the subject (participant) number data['X_labels'] : str list, length 6 ordered labels for the sensor data variables data['y_labels'] :str list, length 7 ordered labels for the target (exercise type) Examples -------- >>> from seglearn.datasets import load_watch >>> data = load_watch() >>> print(data.keys()) """ module_path = dirname(__file__) data = np.load(module_path + "/data/watch_dataset.npy", allow_pickle=True).item() return data